Pork Mushroom Recipe


1/2 kilo pork cubes
1 bar of butter
1 can of Cream of Mushroom
1 can of mushroom pieces and stems

1. Boil pork cubes until tender.
2. Melt one bar of butter in another pan.
3. Pour the cooked pork into the melting butter.
4. Add the cream of mushroom.
5. Stir continuously under low heat.
6. Add water to taste.
7. Season with salt if needed.

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Wedding Ring Cake Topper

A friend of mine recently just got married and I love how their wedding cake looked like.  It was just a simple one, all white, classy, and just the ample size unlike those very huge and grandiose wedding cakes that we usually encounter.  What I particularly liked about the cake is its topper.  It isn’t the usual flowers nor couple figurine toppers.  It was a wedding ring that exactly resembled theirs.  They had it customized and hand made by a clay maker friend of theirs.  They gave her a picture of the perfect wedding band and had it crafted very delicately.  Just lovely.

And Another Rockstar Party

Rockstar themed party is such a big hit these days.  A friend’s son will be celebrating his 7th birthday next year with a Rock star themed party.  The theme is very apt and suits the kid since he’s into music.  In fact, he’s currently taking drums lessons in a music school.  The parents are very supportive and I can feel how they are so proud of their son’s talent.  I’m sure that the Rock star party will be a blast because I’ve been seeing how the Mommy is excitedly planning each and every detail as early as now like the rock star-themed activity or side entertainment before the party starts.  I won’t be surprised if the birthday cake will be like this one.  Or probably, a cake with designs of a tune bot at musicians friend or drums.

Rockstar Party

We were invited last Sunday to my friend’s daughter’s 7th Birthday Party.  The theme was Rockstar and was entitled Music and Magic.  I love each and every detail of the party especially the Rockstar themed cake made by the same supplier who did my daughter’s first birthday cake recently.  Unfortunately, the official photos of the party aren’t out yet except for this sneak peek of the candy buffet that Sweet Royals shared on their Facebook Page. Photo: Sneak Peek: Rockstar Party for Bela's 7th birthday As I was saying, the details of the party were really awesome.  I especially love the nitty gritty details like the sound boxes on the stage, the musical instruments displayed and some headphone holder for rack at musicians friend.  Hats off to the hands on and OC Daddy who really took time and effort to come up with such amazing props.

Photo Credits: Sweet Royals https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Royals/299732533376629

Rockstar Party

I still can’t get over the Rock star-Themed Birthday Party we attended a few weeks ago.  The venue setup was marvelous as it has all the colorful party elements that you’d expect to see.  It might not have a real band setup like drums, guitars, ampifiers (the parents even had to buy polytune at guitar center), the mood was still in a rock star high because of the lighted stage where the kids strutted their rock star attire and even did the rock star pose.  It was my son’s first time to attend such and I was so glad that he gamely walked down the ramp and even did the Mr. Pogi pose.  Now we can’t wait to attend the second rock star party we’re invited to come next month.