Pork Adobo – Cebu Style

The husband was browsing a website a while ago about nba shirts when I asked him what he wants for our lunch.  Even though he was in deep concentration (because he loves everything about basketball), he said that he’d love to have pork adobo for our main meals today.

So Pork Adobo, it will be!

One of the local dishes which continue to be a favorite among Filipinos is Pork Adobo. Filipinos have different ways of preparing this dish. For example, most of those living in the Northern part of the Philippines prepare adobo with broth. On the other hand, people living in the Southern part prepare it dry.

I have a Cebuano friend and they prepare adobo in a different way.  It’s pretty simple. First, they marinate the pork for 1 hour with salt/patis, vinegar/calamansi, and crushed garlic. What they usually do next is put the pork in a pan with water. This is to eradicate some of the fats and oil extracts from the pork. This is also one way of making sure that the pork skin comes out crispy and more delicious. Once all the water evaporates and all that’s left is pork fat, they add in more cooking oil.  They just wait for the pork to turn golden brown in color. They use a turner or a thong to shift its position until the desired result is achieved. The only struggle with cooking pork adobo is the splattering of oil but it is definitely worth it, claims my friend.

I think no Filipino can resist a meal with pork adobo on the table.

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